Solar Pod POD001

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Solar Pod operates by harnessing the free energy from the sun and transferring it into your pool water, its “heat trap” technology with glass house effect captures energy within the ultra-clear polycarbonate dome and transfers heat to its polycarbonate heat exchanger. Solar Pod’s clear dome also reduces heat loss from its heat exchanger caused by wind exposure.

One Solar Pod is ideal for pools up to 4,500 litres of water.

• Zero heating costs

Harness the energy from the sun ad transfer it into your pool using “heat trap” glass house effect technology.

• For all above ground pools

One Solar Pod is suitable for up to 4,500 litres. For larger pools simply connect several units in series.

• Simple to install

Requires only a Phillips screwdriver and a silicone lubricant

• Virtually maintenance free

Simply wipe the Solar Pods over with a non-abrasive cloth and store in a frost free location for the winter season