Solar Pod Plus

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The Solar Pod™ Plus has a reflective internal base, generating passive solar gain within the dome – increasing the captive air temperature by an average of 11°C in comparison to the standard Solar Pod™. The higher the temperature within the dome the greater the heat transfers to the pool water passing through the solar heater.

Because of it’s size the Solar Pod™ Plus has more than 10 times more captive air than the standard Solar Pod™. This means that the internal air volume of the Solar Pod™ Plus is in excess of 100 litres, in comparison with 9.7 litres of the standard Solar Pod™.

The Solar Pod™ Plus has an increased heat exchanged area comprising of a 360 degree coil that allows 99% exposure to the captive heat generated inside its dome.

It’s increased water capacity coupled with the greater volume of solar warmed air, gives the Solar Pod™ Plus a captive air to water ratio of almost 10:1, as opposed to the standard Solar Pod™ having a ration of only 2:1.

This increased ratio of pool water and air within the dome result in a far more efficient heat transfer. To help ensure maximum solar gain, the Solar Pod™ Plus can be tilted towards the sun using its integral fold down legs.

  • For above ground pools up to 9,000 litres
  • 780mm x 780mm x 450mm
  • Coil made of strong polypropylene
  • Strong transparent dual polycarbonate domes
  • Easy connection
  • Connect multiple units for larger pools
  • Minimal tools required (Phillips screwdriver and silicone lubricant)
  • Tilts to achieve best angle for sun
  • No servicing required (other than winterising)
  • Reflective underside for optimum heat gain

Kit comprises of :

  • Main base with stand
  • 1,25″ to 1.5″ hose reducer
  • Collared tube adaptor
  • Hose clamps
  • 1m and 0.36m hoses
  • Hose ID 38mm
  • Side hose connector x2
  • Clear dome
  • Solar protection cover