Water Lily (Pk6) WLL001


Water Lily (Pk6) WLL001

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Water Lily (Pk6) WLL001

  • Absorbs oils and creams
  • Protection of the waterline
  • Purification of the waterline
  • Absorbing action until saturation
  • WATER LILY®Selective absorbent of the fat residues for spas and swimming pools

    Fat substances and wastes (oils and sun lotions, pollution) found on the surface of the water of the spas, hot tubs and swimming pools are responsible for the scum line more or less important at the level of the watermark and of a visible black line inside the skimmers where, because of circulation of water, they tend to concentrate .

    Settled at the surface of water in the skimmer, WATER LILY® absorbs and retains the fat substances brought back by the water circulation. Within a period of time, the fibrous material of WATER LILY® is coloured of a more or less sunk brown, which testifies of the absorption of the involved pollutants.

    WATER LILY® is a disposable product which must be changed every month or more frequently if necessary according to the bathing frequency and the environment of the basin.

    Sold in boxes of 6 WATER LILY®

  • In addition to the presence of waste and solid matter associated with the use of the basin and its environment (grass, twigs, pine needles, insects, pollen…), swimming pool, spa or hot tub water is very often soiled by fatty residues from oils and sun creams which the bathers use, as well as fat pollution from the ambient air, in particular around built up areas.Because of their low density, these fatty residues remain on the surface of the water and end up getting stuck to the side. They are responsible for a persistent darkish ring around the water line, and a darkish band visible within the skimmers where, because of the way the water circulates, they tend to accumulate.

    Water Lily® is made up of a microfibre fabric specifically treated to trap the fat molecules (lipophilic and water repellent fibres) present on the surface of swimming pool, spa or hot tub water. Water Lily® is equipped with a weight (central button) which ensures that it floats perfectly and is stable.

    Placed on the surface of the water or in the skimmer, Water Lily ® absorbs and retains the fatty substances which circulate as the water moves. Over time, the Water Lily® fibrous material becomes coloured with a more or less dark brown colour, which shows that the pollutants present have been absorbed.

    Water Lily® is a disposable product which must be changed every 4 to 6 weeks, and more regularly if required according to basin frequentation and environment.

    The price above is for a box which contains 6 x WATER LILYs®