LX WP200-II Pump dual speed 2HP


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LX WP200-II Pump dual speed 2HP

Model WP200-II (2 Speed – 2HP)

Fits 2″ Plumbing Unions

This 2 speed pump makes a great replacement for an expensive American hot tub pump, the connections are the same and the specification is very similar.


This pump comes with 2″ suction and discharge, however if you have a larger suction on the front of your pump you will need an adapter to 2.5″ plumbing and a o-ring to make this pump fit. (No extra plumbing required).

This Dual speed hot tub pump is found on many Chinese hot tubs and is commonly used as a heat pump with a 2nd speed for boosting up the power of the pump.

These pumps are now used by Sundance Spas to replace the TheraMax Spa Pumps, Note this means the pump wet end can be angled to 45 degrees to fit the plumbing without having to replumb the spas.

Type of Product:Water pump / Jet pump, 2 speed filtration pump.
Box Quantity:30
Common Power Reference:2 HP
Power:Volts: 230 Hz: 50 Motor HP Low / High: 0.26 / 1.25 Amps Low / High Speed: 2.4 / 7.0 RPM Low / High: 1450 / 2900 Capacitor: 30 uf
Plumbing Connections:2 inch (outside diameter of male threaded wet end connection is 78mm approx) Interchangeable with other brands.
Electrical Connections:Comes with plain 4 core cable attached. 2 x Phase, 1 x Common Neutral + Earth.
Dimensions:Length: 435 mm Height: 235 mm Depth: 200 mm
Commonly Used With :Chinese Spas, Coasts (not to be confused with the American brand “Coast Spas”), known to be used on some Jacuzzi models and more.
Additional Notes:Full 12 month warranty as standard from date of purchase.