Led Pool Light PU6LLTW

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Certikin Part Number: PU6LLTW

Led Pool Light PU6LLTW

LT liner light and niche – white – Quick-Fit Certikin Style (PU6)

please note that transformers and deck boxes are not included.

Both transformers that we list (PU11H-PU11S) are suitable to power one of these lights.

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Led Pool Light PU6LLTW

Par56 Type LED Lighting

Led Pool Light PU6LLTW


LT liner light and niche – white – Quick-Fit Certikin Style (PU6)

These Certikin lights are high intensity LEDs that come in either a Certikin PU6 Quick Change niche system or the traditional PU9 Angled niche system. Both white and multicolour LED options are available.

Lights require a 12v power supply and consume 24w (white) or 60w (colour). The colour change lights has 12 modes – 6 set colours and 6 sequences.

The lights can be controlled in two ways: 1. By installing a push button for each light. 2. With a control panel which can be synchronised up to 15 lights. An optional remote control is available for the control panel.

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