Clearpool UV-C Disinfection System



Clearpool UV-C Disinfection System

Manufactured in the UK by Evolution Aqua, the Clearpool
UV-C range has been specifically designed to deliver
exceptional performance, great water clarity, all the while
being economical to run. Our range of UV’s come in six
options all with either 2.0” or 1.5” connections. The range
has been designed with cost and practicality in mind,
adding value to our customers.
990mm 172mm
Features & Benefits
■ High output, energy efficient electronic ballast
■ Fully serviceable for easy maintenance
■ Easy to install
■ UV bulbs deliver high output
■ No dead spots in the filament
■ Longer lasting UVC bulb lifespan
■ Average lamp life expectancy: 2 years / 9000hours
■ 2 year guarantee
■ Compatible with salt chlorinators
Recommended max flow: 20m3
Max. pool volume: 55m3
Bulb life: 9000 hours
Number of bulbs: 1 x 55W
Temperature range: <45°C
Max. power consumption: 49W
Ingress protection rating: IP65
Working pressure: 2.5 Bar
Water connections: 1.5” / 2.0

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15w, 25w, 30w, 55w, 75w, 110w