Certikin Skimmer for Liner Pools (HD100)

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Certikin Skimmer for Liner Pools (HD100)

Certikin Liner Skimmer (HD100)

The most widely used skimmer in the UK!

The Certikin skimmer comes complete with a floating collar weir (new style) to enable steady water flow. The Certikin Skimmer is beautifully designed to remove floating debris from the water surface quietly and efficiently. The Certikin Skimmer Max Flow Rate is 4.5m3 per hour at 0.3m/s.
There are extras to extend the throat either the (Parallel extension throat / PET (HD102LN) or a Wide Angled Extension Throat / WAET (HD101LS) – these could be required when the skimmer is being installed into a concrete wall with a double skin wall or if you need the skimmer access to be accessible further back fromt he wall i.e. with automatic covers.

  • Universal skimmer for both concrete and liner pools – purchase the HD100SN for concrete or the ZZ0259 for liner pools as it comes with a liner adaptor kit (HD100LAK)
  • Through the wall installations eliminating exposure and corrosion of pool panels
  • Outlet connections in imperial and metric
  • Overflow and water fill outlets provided
  • A 2″ extension collar can be purchased to raise the skimmer access lid, part (SPC4031)