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Wellis Danube W-Flow Swim Spa
alt WEllis Danube swim spa from Relax Essex
WEllis Danube swim spa from Relax Essex
WEllis Danube swim spa from Relax Essex

Danube W-Flow

Exceptional solutions, available with semi cabinet design. We have now designed two sitting places, so you can use professional swimming and unique massage. Immersive visuals: two sides illuminated fountain jets. A side-mounted filter housing is now placed at the end of the swimming area so that the floating area is wider, more than 50 cm.

NEW W-Flow System

In a traditional swim spa, the user has to switch on/off the pumps manually for finding the proper water flow which fits their fitness level. The Rio Grande swim spa is equipped with brand new swim software. Combining this and the new W-flow system the new Rio Grande became a professional training appliance. 
The user can choose six-speed levels from the slowest, most comfortable „floating” to the hardest exercise. Similarly to a modern treadmill, you can predefine the swimming speeds one after another, so you can insert slower stages between the swimming sprints.
The flow rate can be adjusted 0.4-2.5 km / h.

    • It can deliver twice as much water against traditional types of 180 m3/h.

    • The width of the water flow is only 50-60 cm.

    • The difference between water flow directions and the centerline of the spa is 0° therefore swimming is perfectly balanced.

    • Mechanical elements are separated from the hydro-space, so any mechanical repairs can be done without sluicing the water.

    • The heat pump connection in the swim spa is fixed and equipped with In.Grid system – consequently, the heating cost can be reduced to one-third of the electrical heating.

    • Both the massage and the swim half can be separately controlled with the in.touch 2 application.

    • Self-drain function – the swim half can be drained by the circulation pump: 10 m3 in 33 mins.


Learn more about the newest innovation of Wellis!

Thanks to the several training sessions it is suitable for professional swimmers and beginners too.
You can experience endless swimming with this new fitness machine. It’s like having your own coach to watch over you. The training session can be customized by setting flow intensities, durations, and color indicators. Before choosing a training drill, we recommend adjusting the parameters. Touch the settings icon on the right icon wheel. From there, you can access 6 different parameters.




A swimming workout executed at a constant intensity for the entire set duration.

A swimming workout executed at high and low-intensity intervals of equal step time.

A series of equal steps at random intensities.

A swimming workout executed at two successive steps at high intensity for one step at low intensity.

A pyramid program where the intensity will progressively increase until a maximum intensity level is reached. It will then decrease progressively to end at low intensity.

You can create custom workouts.

Dimensions4530 × 2350 × 1470 mm
Net weight (kg) / Water volume (l)1 047 kg / 5 913 l
FrameStainless steel
Side coverHorizontSide™ or semi-inground
ReinforcementFiberglass reinforced
InsulationPolyfoam (2 cm)
DrainsD50 ball valve

1×60A 230V/50Hz opt.

1x35A 230V/50Hz min.

Control boxGecko ( IN.YE-8)
Control panelSmartTouch
Total number of jets24 pcs
Laminar fountain jets2 x 3 pcs
Heater3 kW
Pumps (hydro massage)1 pc 3 HP single speed + Circ. pump
Pumps (swim spa)3 x 3 HP 2 speed
Filtration2 pcs antbacterial paper filters
Water sanitizationUV-C lamp
LED lights18 pcs LED
Headrests2 pcs
Sound systemAquaSoul™ Pro 4.1
SmartPhone app – wifi connectionYes
Thermo coverYes
Swimming stickFix
Heat exchanger preparationFix

*In case of minimum power connection, the hot tub pump(s) and heating unit cannot be operated simultaneously.




Our Jupiter hot tub has ergonomically designed seats, 46 massage jets, and a Bluetooth sound system
MyMusic ™ Sound System The watertight elements installed in the MyMusic™ sound system are of the latest design and highest quality. There will be no more trouble with CDs or Mp3 players, since you can connect to the built-in receiver unit from your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
Our Jupiter hot tub Relax Essex 3
MySeat ™ For you and your Significant other In designing the MySeat™ reclining place, our designers eliminated the inconvenience caused by height differences. The ergonomic design of the heel rest provides a stable reclining area both for male and female customers.
Our Jupiter hot tub Relax Essex 4
MyJet ™ Neck and Shoulder Massage The special arrangement of jets provides intense neck and shoulder massages. The seat follows the body contours, so you can comfortably relax for many hours.
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MyHips ™ Jets Professional waist and hip massage jets that help fat cells accumulated around the hip disappear. Although it was originally developed for women, it is suitable for athletes as well, and for anyone looking for the perfect massage.
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Wellis warranty from Relax Essex not-from-china 3 years

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