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The spacious Cantabria large hot tub redefines hydrotherapy. It comfortably fits 8 adults and features the UltraMassagelounge with the customisable UltraMasseuse System. This jetting system will make you feel like royalty as you create your personal spa experience with six different jet sequences and three speeds.





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video Relax Essex
Seat or lounge (varies by model) for neck, shoulder and middle back massage.
A contoured pillow cradles your head while specialized above-the-water-line jets focus on neck and shoulders.
Multiple jets focus on large muscles in your back. Select models work on wrists and calves.
A unique jet configuration relieves tension and pain in your back’s lumbar region.
These jets provide a deep, penetrating massage to thighs, knees, calves and feet (Two in most Utopia™ models).
In Niagara™, Geneva™ and Cantabria™ these jets work an often overlooked stress point and enhance movement there.
In Utopia™ models they work on muscles in the lower leg.
Jets stimulate and revive the muscles in your feet that bear your full weight all day.
Anchors and holds you in place while powerful jets work on sore muscles.

FreshWater Salt System

Every Utopia and Paradise Series spa is ready to use with our simple and intuitive FreshWater Salt System that generates chlorine from salt, keeping water clean and fresh up to three times longer than any other system.

Avante Cabinetry

Our Utopia Series spas feature the beautiful and multi-dimensional AvanteTM all-climate cabinetry, a durable material that will withstand harsh weather elements. Available in Sand, Slate and Brownstone.

Advent LCD

Your daily hydrotherapy experience is easily managed with our intuitive Adventcontrol panel which gives you complete control over water temperature, jet systems and ambient lighting effects.

DIMENSIONS274 x 231 x 97 cm
WATER CAPACITY2,325 litres
JET COUNT74 Total Jets
JETS56 Euro, 7 VersaSsage™, 4 AdaptaSsage™, 4 Euro-Pulse™, 2 OrbiSsage™, 1 Euphoria™