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Wellis Myline Saturn
Wellis Myline Saturn
Wellis Myline Saturn
Wellis Myline Saturn
Wellis Myline Saturn


The Saturn hot tub is the result of a thorough design, with 2 recliners and 3 comfortable seats. Both recliners offer full massage for the feet and calves. It is spacious enough for a party and a perfect choice for peaceful family bathing. Once you dive in, you will never want to get out.

Wellis Myline Saturn
Wellis Myline Saturn
Wellis Myline Saturn
Dimensions2300 × 2300 × 880 mm
Reclining / Sitting places2 reclining / 3 sitting places
Net weight (kg) / Water amount (l)350 kg/1,400 l
FrameImpregnated solid wood
Power requirement1×25A 230V/50Hz
Total number of jets50 pcs
Hydromassage pump1 × 2 HP, double speed
 1 × 2 HP, single-speed
Water sanitizationOzone generator + superfine paper filter
Chromotherapy LED illumination18 pcs exclusive LEDs
Sound systemMyMusic™ 2.0
Thermo coveryes






                                                          Key Features of MyLine Spas

Our MyLine products represent the entry-level category of the Wellis brand: excellent prices, user-friendly experiences, stylish and well-composed looks. Over 10 models are available to meet all of our customer’s needs.

Our Jupiter hot tub has ergonomically designed seats, 46 massage jets, and a Bluetooth sound system
MyMusic ™ Sound System The watertight elements installed in the MyMusic™ sound system are of the latest design and highest quality. There will be no more trouble with CDs or Mp3 players, since you can connect to the built-in receiver unit from your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
Our Jupiter hot tub Relax Essex 3
MySeat ™ For you and your Significant other In designing the MySeat™ reclining place, our designers eliminated the inconvenience caused by height differences. The ergonomic design of the heel rest provides a stable reclining area both for male and female customers.
Our Jupiter hot tub Relax Essex 4
MyJet ™ Neck and Shoulder Massage The special arrangement of jets provides intense neck and shoulder massages. The seat follows the body contours, so you can comfortably relax for many hours.
Our Jupiter hot tub Relax Essex 2
MyHips ™ Jets Professional waist and hip massage jets that help fat cells accumulated around the hip disappear. Although it was originally developed for women, it is suitable for athletes as well, and for anyone looking for the perfect massage.
Wellis warranty from Relax Essex
Wellis warranty from Relax Essex not-from-china 3 years

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