Algicide Products

Algicide Copper Based – Quick Overview

Destroys all types of typical algae, even the most resistant.

Highly concentrated composition.

Copper based long life formula – 3 months.

Dose Rate : (Please only dose every three months) 0.5 Litre every 11,000 Gallons or 50,000 Litres

Calculate the volume of water in your pool if in doubt refer to the Swimming Pool Handbook in our downloads section.

In the case of a heavy infestation or highly resistant algae, brush the pool surfaces and run the filtration continuously until the pool has cleared.

Use of a clarifier will be beneficial.

A sanitiser must always be used as well as a long life algicide in order to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms.

It is important to keep the sanitiser at recommended levels even when the pool is temporarily out of use. This will assist in the control of algae.